3U CFL Lamp

3 U CFL Lamps Manufacturers IndiaFluorescent Tube Lamps (CFL) are one the most advanced and well designed Compact Light Source to give maximum light output with a minimum power consumption. Basically, this is a gas discharge lamp having high efficiency fluorescent coating and raw gas filling. These lamps are six times efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs.

We are chief manufacturers and exporters of 3U CFL Lamps that are quality-tested for conformity to international standards. These are highly compact and eco-friendly in nature. They consume the least possible power and display the maximum possible output of illuminating the entire area with bright and clear light.

They hardly require a replacement and have a long service life. Available at economical prices, they can also be tailor-made to suit customer preferences.

Item Code SB 20 ELT SB 23 ELT SB 26 ELT
Glass Dia. 12mm 12mm 12mm
Base Type B22/E27/E14 B22/E27/E14 B22/E27/E14
Wattage 20 Watts 23 Watts 26 Watts
Voltage 110/220 V 110/220 V 110/220 V
Color (K) 6500K/2700K 6500K/2700K 6500K/2700K
Luminous Flux 1150 1300 1500
Height 148 170 170
Width 51 51 51